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"Our business is your success."

Allie Admin
Your Virtual Assistant

Allie is available to assist you with those day-to-day activities that keep you from what you do best…developing and expanding your business. 

Allie has 30 years of experience in financial services, benefits, risk management and healthcare. She understands the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur because she has been one. Allie spent several years with her own consulting practice.  She also has worked for several Fortune 500 and Global 10 corporations and understands the benefits and challenges of navigating the behemoth corporate structure to best serve the client.   

Please schedule a call or coffee meeting with Allie to discuss how she can be a virtual
“employee” of your company. A virtual assistant can bring real value to your bottom line in allowing you to focus on your top line growth.

Allie looks forward to serving you!