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Todd Whitson
Advantage Medical Products & Consulting (AMPC) 

Todd is an accomplished leader within the U.S. & International medical device products & markets.  He is an expert in selling into the complex environments of Healthcare (Acute, Primary, Extended Care Markets). Todd is experienced in assessing, organizing, building, and leading high performing teams and helping companies align to do the same.  Todd is recognized for his thought leadership, business acumen, innovative approaches, and ingenuity.  He is known for working collaboratively and effectively across internal and external channels to align organizational strengths and approaches, with market opportunities.

He is exceptional at driving continuous business results; engineering partnerships; accelerating revenues; improving profits; maximizing EBITDA to sustain profitable growth via business development activities.  Todd is a highly effective at converting proven principles, strategies, and practices into tangible, executable, and measurable results, ensuring competitiveness within any given market. 

Core Competence:

  • Corporate Strategy Formulation, alignment, and Execution
  • Organizational Leadership, Management, and Team Turnarounds
  • International Business, Markets Development, and Channel Distribution 
  • Complex Health Care Sales, Marketing & Customer Management 
  • Corp and National Account Selling - (OEM / GPO / IDN / Government) 
  • Healthcare Products Device Industry - (Acute, Primary, and Extended Care)
  • Catalyzing Innovation, Start-Ups, and Venture Funding Activities


  • Naturally cooperates with others to get the job done.
  • Very focused, prefers to work alone; private, serious, and reserved;
  • Agreeable and supportive but also capable of being objective about people and situations
  • Likes to be structured in some areas but also can operate spontaneously in other areas.
  • Adventurous, ambitious, and competitive; attracted by a challenge
  • Very creative; likes to generate and express new ideas and seek mental challenges


  • Advantage Medical Products and Consulting LLC (AMPC); Principal
  • APLICARE INC.  Antiseptics/ Inf. Prev. Co; Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing and Strategy 
  • Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing and Strategy; National Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Molnlycke / Regent Medical / Aladan Corp, Atlanta GA;  Head – Latin America/South America Sales
  • Aladan Corp.  GA (Acquired by Regent1996) ; Western Regional Sales Manager
  • General Medical Corporation, Los Angeles;  Strategic Accounts Sales Manager
  • Dexide Inc., Ft Worth, TX;  Regional Sales Representative / Trainer