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Michael Sick

Michael Sick is an internationally recognized, innovative management consultant specializing in strategic marketing, advertising, and business development.  Sick is a former Marketing VP with brands including Arby’s, Pearle Vision and Jack In The Box.  Sick has been involved with hundreds of new product launches and knows first-hand that new products are the growth engines for most companies.  Sick has worked with over 100 companies including start-ups, and brands like Coca Cola, Amazon, University of San Diego, Costco, The Army Reserve, PetCo and companies involved with restaurants, E-Commerce, software, fitness, media, wireless, entertainment, and electronics.  Sick serves as a virtual CMO for clients and offers a broad range of services which span from performing a brand audit to participating in a new business effort, to defining new business opportunities, mentoring, interim management, integrating online and offline marketing, social marketing, PR and/or developing best practices. 


Core Competencies

  • Marketing Budget Optimization
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Product Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Social Media – Email Marketing 
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • Media Planning & Management
  • Franchise Marketing
  • Competitive Strategy



  • Cracking the code – unlocking revenue growth
  • Fact based decision making
  • Unleashing continuous learning and improvement


Vice President of Marketing – Sybra Inc./Arby’s Inc.
Vice President of Field Marketing & Promotion – Jack In The Box
Vice President of Marketing – Lyon’s Restaurants
Vice President of Marketing Lyon’s Restaurants
Marketing Roles – Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Advertising Agencies
Consulting with over 100 companies in various industries