Jim Lyons has had over 30 years of leadership experience with major restaurant and franchise businesses. Jim’s expertise is in the area of franchising, restaurant operations, real estate and development. He has helped franchisors, franchisees and restaurant operators meet their operational, development and financial goals.

Core Competencies

  • Franchise Operations, Restaurant Operations and Development/ Real Estate
  • Strategic Franchise and Restaurant Operations Organization, Analysis, Design and Implementation
  • Growth Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Restaurant/Retail Development



  • Adding value
  • Helping people and organizations succeed!


  • EVP Development Denny’s Restaurant Group
  • COO and Chief Development Officer Popeye’s Chicken
  • COO Franchise and Chief Development Officer Del Taco
  • COO and Chief Development Officer Quizno’s
  • SVP Development Arby’s
  • VP Franchising and Development Dominos
  • VP Franchise Services Burger King

Jim Lyons


“Leadership is about making and maintaining a positive change. True leaders do not conform to the limits of the environments they stay in; they transform it positively!”
                                           Israelmore Ayivor


Consultants To Management

"Our business is your success."