Chris Butsch is a globally-recognized speaker, author, and business coach on the Millennial generation. In 2014, after being diagnosed with depression and seeing so many other Millennials struggle with happiness, Chris left a promising career in IT project management to travel the world and study the Millennial condition. In 2016 he published his best-selling book, The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness, called a "must-read for HR" by the ROI Institute. 

As an expert on maximizing the Millennial generation in the workplace, Chris has directly advised Fortune 500 CEOs and delivered keynotes on three continents. Having built a reputation for offering managers free and immediate "quick wins" to maximize Millennial retention and productivity, Chris is organizing his latest findings in a new book called These Damn Millennials. 

His business website is:   www.chrisbutsch.com

Core Competencies

  • Keynote Delivery
  • Business Coaching
  • Millennial Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity Boosting

Drivers / Motivators

 "I get so excited when I see our future leaders like Chris - pull out all the stops and bring their "zone of genius" to the world, with confidence and ease... It's exciting to see how quickly Chris has expanded his mission into a "movement" that serves Millennials and all the people, places and things that they touch, influence or challenge. After spending an hour with Chris - I quickly determined - that we will be hearing much more about this bright, passionate, millennial who will easily touch millions - in a million ways."     Donna Lang, Founder 
and CEO, SmartTools Coaching


  • Best-Selling Author, The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness (2016 - Present) Greater Atlanta       Area
  • International Keynote Speaker (2017 - Present) Greater Atlanta Area
  • Business Coach (2016 - Present) Greater Atlanta Area
  • IT Project Manager, Epic (2013-2016) Madison, WI
  • Graduate, Vanderbilt University School of Engineering


Chris Butsch


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